18k yellow gold candy dome ring by Alex Sepkus

5 Bestselling Ring Designs of Michael’s Custom Jewelers

Michael’s Custom Jewelers store is located in Provincetown, a town that is well-known for its long-standing tradition of artistic expression and unique atmosphere. As a local jewelry store that’s been in business for almost two decades, we are proud to have developed an outstanding collection of fine handmade jewelry.

This post features five bestselling rings that have been extremely popular over the past years. They are presented in no particular order, and all of them are unisex, making them suitable for anyone who enjoys their creative design.

Black Diamond Band #7231

14k white gold band with black diamonds made by Michael's Custom Jewelers in Provincetown

This ring is a true star of Michael’s Custom Jewelers. This is one of the designs that sets the store apart from its competitors on Cape Cod and beyond.

The classic version of this band is made of 14k white gold and black diamonds. White gold has a soft satin finish. The band measures 6mm wide.

This design has been made countless times over the years in all possible combinations of gold and diamond colors. Another popular option is a 14k white gold band paired with natural blue diamonds, as well as yellow and rose gold versions that can be created upon request.

This band is also available with multiple rows of diamonds.

Candy Dome Ring

alex sepkus 18k yellow gold candy dome ring rainbow sapphire mix

Jewelry created by Alex Sepkus is unique and intricate; it looks like a wearable piece of art.

The highest quality of gemstones and the signature handmade finish of these rings distinguish this line from many other designer jewelry lines.

Ever since we started selling Alex Sepkus designs, the Candy Dome ring has been the front and center of the collection. It comes in a variety of gemstone colors, and you can choose from 18k yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum metal. The rainbow sapphire option as pictured above is particularly popular, as well as the white diamond version and the Fire mix paired with rubies.

Hand-hammered Band #1951

hand-hammered band 14k white gold #1951

This hammered gold band is one of the classic pieces sold by Michael’s Custom Jewelers on Cape Cod. However, a lot of jewelry stores offer hammered designs. So what does set this one apart?

Most importantly, this band is made by hand from start to finish. Many of textured bands out there are machine-made; there is no spontaneity to the hammered pattern. Very often, the indents and shallow and barely noticeable; they disappear quickly with regular wear and tear.

When it comes to the bands made by Michael’s Custom Jewelers, their unique finish is the central part of the design. The rings are heavy; they are very well-made.

 If you prefer, you can have hammered edges as shown above, or you can choose to get a more polished version with smooth edges. These bands can be made of yellow, rose, white, or grey gold, and you can scale the width to your liking. And if you prefer, diamonds can be added too - here’s a beautiful 22k yellow gold version of this band made with cognac diamonds!

Windows Bands

Alex Sepkus 18k yellow gold Little Windows band

Little Windows (as pictured above) and Micro Windows bands are another set of bestselling Alex Sepkus designs. These pieces can be stacked or worn on their own. They are extremely comfortable for everyday wear, yet they make a fashion statement thanks to their unique design.

Windows rings rely heavily on the use of negative space. Your skin shows through, adding to the contrast between the color of the metal, fine details of the hand-created texture, and the color of gemstones.

As for the customization options, customers can choose between 18k yellow or rose gold, platinum, diamonds, or blue sapphires.

Celestial Band #6555

Celestial Band with multicolor diamonds and 14k rose and grey gold designed by Michael's Custom Jewelers on Cape Cod

The Celestial band has so much to offer to someone who craves a unique take on a traditional band style. You can customize so much about it, be it the color of gold or a combination of colors, precious gemstones, finish, and width.

14k rose and grey gold combo is magical, and the variety of diamond colors is simply fascinating. This ring will always match the outfit of the day since it features so many colors.

Another version of this band - 14k white gold and white diamonds - plays with the geometry of the ring by utilizing diamonds of different shapes.

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your rings at Michael’s Custom Jewelers. We take pride in the customization options that we offer and the quick and masterful work that we do.

If you’d like to order custom rings from Michael’s Custom Jewelers, feel free to reach out by phone at 508-487-0708 and by text at 617-875-7652. And if you’re traveling to Cape Cod, make sure to visit our Provincetown store at 304 Commercial street to see the full range of our fine jewelry designs!

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