made on cape cod. Beachball bracelet collection made of 925 sterling silver and 14k yellow gold. The sizing guide for Beachball Bracelets and cuffs

How To Find Out Your Beachball Bracelet Size? A Comprehensive Guide

Our bracelets are made and sold on Cape Cod. Beachball Bracelets are a popular souvenir that many Cape Cod tourists and visitors purchase to remember the trip. And it makes perfect sense to get a piece of jewelry that will last. Beachball bracelets are made of precious metals and can be worn at all times.

Unlike many other bracelets on the market, Beachball bracelets come in different sizes. They are made to fit the wrists of both kids and adults.

If you visit our store in Provincetown, we'll be happy to help you try on the bracelets and find the best fit. And if you're getting a gift for someone else or buying your bracelet online, we'll help you determine what size you need in this blog post.

Beachball Bracelet sizing for adults

Grab a measuring tape. If you don’t have one, a ruler and a string will do. Measure the circumference of your wrist over the bone. Add a ½” or ¾” to get to the closest size offered by Michael’s Custom Jewelers on Cape Cod.

Typically, adult-size Beachball bracelets range between 6.5” and 8”. But sometimes a customer’s wrist can be really small, and they might need a size 6” for a comfortable fit. However, this is more of an outlier rather than a typical adult size; most of our size 6” bracelets get sold for teenagers rather than adults. For each hundred of 6.5-inch bracelets sold to adults, we sell less than a dozen of 6-inch bracelets.

Beachball Bracelet sizing for kids

In order to find out your kid’s Beachball Bracelet size, follow the same instructions from above. We carry kids' versions of Beachball Bracelets in size 5”, 5 1/2 “, and 6”. Typically, size 5” fits a baby between the ages 0-2. Size 5 ½” fits a young child between ages 2 and 6. Size 6” typically lasts through the early teen years. However, all children's wrists vary in size and shape. If you have a way to measure the child’s wrist, that measurement will be the most accurate way of choosing the correct size.

Some parents like to get a bigger size so that the child can grow into it. While it makes perfect sense to want the bracelet to fit your child for several years, keep in mind that children are also more likely to lose the bracelet if it's too large. If it slides off the hand without being open, it might be better to go half a size down.

Why do you need to add ½” or ¾” to your wrist measurement?

We hear this question all the time in our Provincetown jewelry store. Beachball Bracelet is a bangle; it’s made of hard silver or gold wire. It is oval-shaped for maximum comfort and somewhat flattened at the bottom. However, it won’t repeat the shape of your wrist like a more flexible bracelet would.

Hence, you need a bit of extra space to allow for movement.

Apart from the classic Beachball Bracelet, we also carry a Beachball Bracelet Cuff. It is also oval. However, it has a roughly ½” gap in the front that allows you to put it on and take it off more easily.

You should account for it when choosing a cuff size. Typically, we advise going half an inch down in your bracelet size if you prefer a regular fit. But if you like to have a slightly looser fit and like to have more movement between your bracelets, stick to the same instructions as above.

These bracelets are also made on Cape Cod. Beachball Bracelet Cuff is consistently one of the top sellers for several reasons. First, it allows more flexibility with the size. And second, it is a perfect gift for when you don’t know the exact wrist size of the gift recipient. The gap in the middle allows can be adjusted to make the bracelet looser or tighter depending on the need.

Hope this information helps you choose the correct size for your bracelet. And remember that if the Beachball bracelet doesn't fit the way you expected, you are welcome to do a return or exchange as long as the bracelet hasn't been worn/

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