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Christmas Jewelry Gift Guide

Jewelry makes a wonderful gift all year round, but there’s something extra special and magical about getting precious jewels on Christmas morning.

In this Christmas jewelry gift guide, we will suggest our favorite pieces that have proven themselves to make the best presents.

Christmas gift ideas for children and teens

Cape Cod Beachball Bracelet

This Beachball Bracelet is an uncontested Cape Cod bestseller when it comes to jewelry purchased for children at Michael’s Custom Jewelers. This bracelet is available in sizes that will fit any child, from newborns to toddlers to teens. This unisex bracelet design comes in both silver and 14k gold.

This gift is bigger than just getting a piece of jewelry for a child; getting a Beachball bracelet for Christmas may become a cherished family tradition. More than once, adult customers have shared a heartfelt story of how their own parents gifted them a bracelet years ago, and now they pass their love for Cape Cod-made Beachball jewelry to their family and friends each holiday season.

LOLA pendants

If the child likes wearing necklaces, LOLA jewelry will make a perfect addition to their collection! These pendants are colorful, come in a variety of sizes, and work with a number of special interests that a child may have. For example, playful whale tail pendants can be a great reminder of a whale-watching trip that your family took over the summer. LOLA collection also features such kid-loved symbols as bees and mermaids, making these pendants a wholesome gift for children of any age. Anchor, Compass, or Tree of Life symbol makes a wonderful gift for older children and young adults. 

Each LOLA piece has a sweet message embossed on the back of the pendant, adding meaning and sentimental value to the jewelry piece. Besides, kids can’t grow out of a pendant, so this gift will last a lifetime!

Christmas gift ideas for adults

Beachball Twist Earrings

Would you rather stick to the classics but with a modern twist? Sure, no problem! Cape Cod-made Beachball Twist Earrings could be a wonderful gift this holiday season. They come in an all-silver or a Rhodium-gold version, and they are a perfect match for the twisted Beachball bracelet, which is also a great piece to add to the traditional Beachball bracelet family.

UNOde50 Journey Bracelet

Are you looking for a simple yet elegant gift for a friend or colleague? Well, look no more! A Journey bracelet is a perfect piece for literally everybody. It has a minimalistic design, so it can be worn by itself or paired with other bracelets. It stretches, so it fits a variety of wrist sizes. This is a great unisex design that most adults would love to wear. Given that the sales tax AND  first-class USPS shipping are included in the price of our jewelry, this bracelet is a wonderful and affordable gift for anybody.

Old Pathway Pendant Necklace

Would you like to gift something exclusive and sophisticated to a special person in your life? We have just the piece. Alex Sepkus Old Pathway necklace in 18k yellow gold and rainbow gemstone mix is a truly stunning piece of jewelry.

Old Pathway is not just a necklace; it’s a piece of wearable art. The intricate design and impeccable craftsmanship of this pendant will make gift unwrapping a truly memorable event.

This pendant necklace is available with or without a chain. Other color stone mixes, such as white diamonds and blue sapphires, are available upon request. Alex Sepkus jewelry is available in 18k yellow or rose gold, as well as platinum.

And if you’re looking to commemorate this holiday season with a ring, a band, or a custom piece of jewelry, we’ll be happy to help with that! Reach out to Michael by phone at 508-487-0708 or by text at 617-875-7652 to order a custom piece today! You can take any of the existing fine jewelry designs as inspiration or design your own piece from scratch. Reach out to us today to get your custom piece as soon as possible!

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