made on cape cod. bracelet made of 925 sterling silver and 14k gold

Top 5 Beach Ball Bracelet Designs Made On Cape Cod

Beach Ball bracelets are a local staple. Designed locally on Cape Cod over 30 years ago, this bracelet style has made it into people’s hearts and jewelry boxes. Bracelets made on Cape Cod are bought as gifts, party favors, and friendship bracelets.

Every season, we sell thousands of bracelets to those who travel to Cape Cod. They are made of 925 sterling silver and/or 14k gold. They make perfect souvenirs and will remind you of your Cape Cod vacation for years to come.

The classic bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver and is accompanied by a 14k gold ball. The clasp twists into itself, allowing the bracelet to stay put. Most people wear Beach Ball bracelets at all times since silver and gold don’t get damaged by water. It is also generally advised to polish your precious metal bracelet once in a while to restore the natural shine.

And if you own the classic Beach Ball Bracelet design, there are several more styles that go really well with the original CC bracelet design. They will make a wonderful addition to your jewelry box, and they will go well with any outfit style. Thanks to the minimalist nature of these designs, these bracelets look classic and modern all at the same time.

There are quite a few options to consider, so here’s a list of Top 5 Beach Ball Bracelet designs made on Cape Cod that go well with the original one.

Made On Cape Cod. Bracelet Handmade Of Solid 925 Sterling Silver

cape cod beachball 925 sterling silver bracelet

This bracelet was made to be the original companion of the Gold Beach Ball bracelet. That particular bracelet is our best seller thanks to its classic design and affordable price.



rose gold cape cod beach ball bracelet

This design is one of the latest additions to the Cape Cod nautical design family. The ball is made of 14k rose gold so it’s perfect for anyone who prefers rose gold to yellow. However, all metal colors look beautiful together, and it’s been a trend to mix and match in order to create a unique look.



twisted wire 925 sterling silver cape cod bracelet

This bracelet design is perfect for anyone who would like a dressier take on the timeless Cape Cod style. The bracelet’s band is made of twisted wire that looks elegant and sophisticated. It reflects light in such a beautiful way that it looks like it sparkles from afar. The ball has a bit more give in comparison with the traditional design in order to accommodate the twisted wire and still twist on and off with ease.

This bracelet is available both in silver and 14k gold.



2 ball cape cod beach ball bracelet

This design doubles down on the traditional Cape Cod design by joining two balls in the clasp. This fantastic style is a no-brainer addition to your Cape Cod collection in case you’re looking for a fresh take on a classic design.

This bracelet is also available in both 925 silver and gold.

Made On Cape Cod. Cuff Bracelet Made Of Solid 925 Silver 

cape cod cuff beach ball bracelet

This is the second favorite bracelet to accompany the classic Beach Ball bracelet. The gap between the sterling silver balls falls just into the right place, allowing the bracelets to stack perfectly.

This is also the bracelet that sells best as a gift since it’s relatively adjustable and will fit the person well enough even if you’re unsure of their wrist size.

You can purchase these bracelets in our Cape Cod store in Provincetown, 304 Commercial Street. You can also order them online from this website. Shipping is free and we charge no tax on all online orders. All Nautical Bracelets ship in a beautiful box and are accompanied by a silver polishing cloth. We also have a comprehensive exchange policy in case the wrong size was ordered.

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